Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All 6 of my Trick-or-Treaters (Lots of Pictures)

Trick-Or-Treater #1

Our Little Witch Alyssa.  If you ask me she's the most beautiful witch we ever did see!

Trick-Or-Treater #2

Princess Vampire Brooklynn!  Beware she's beautiful but,......she just might drink your BLOOD!

Trick-Or-Treater's #3, 4, 5, &6

we present Shilah, Rylee, Lexie, & Maddox as the 3 Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf!

Rylee & Maddox were pretty anxious to get the night started.  They were the 1st out the door!

Alyssa fishing at the Halloween Carnival

Brooklynn was having trouble getting her candy off the string!  

Lexie's Turn!  She knew right what to do.  Hold the bucket out and get treats!  (Its funny how children seem to have a natural instinct for trick-or-treating....or maybe she's just good at imitating the other kids!)

Rylee seemed pretty happy with her loot at the end of the night!  

Dad with Maddox & Rylee

Here is a picture of the babies and their good friends.  Miss Lady Bug & Tinker Bell.  Too Cute!

The night proved to be exhausting for everyone.  The babies were asleep before we pulled out of our friends driveway!

Lexie and that darn thumb!

Yes that is Chocolate.  When I put Shilah in her seat she had a candy bar in her hand.  (I didn't know this and it still had the wrapper on it)!  After we got the last child in her car seat I looked around and saw Shilah looking like this!  Covered in chocolate and fast asleep.  I love it!

The rest of the kiddos were also asleep!  No more chocolate thank goodness.  Everyone had a wonderful time and thanks to all our friends who helped us out on Halloween!

We hope everyone else enjoyed their halloween and have enjoyed looking at everyone's blogs and the pictures of their cute munchkins!  


Annie said...

How fun! what a cute idea (the three little pigs and the big bad wolf). Alyssa and Brooklyn look so cute too. Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures:)

Misty said...

HOw absolutely adorable!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Love all the sweet pics of your all six 6 treaters! Too Cute!

Clarissa said...

Oh - how cute are they?!?! I love the three pigs/big bad wolf idea. How fun!!!!

Cheri and David Saltzman said...

How cute! Looks like a fun/exhausting night! PS That is what I look like when I fall asleep with chocolate too. :)

Chelsey said...

Those sure are cute pictures especially of that Miss Ladybug.

jag said...

Fabulous costumes! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Annie said...

Great pics!!!!

Her Royal Highness said...

Love it! Those pics were so fun to look at! I noticed something while looking at the "sleeping" shots. ALL the kids look the same regardless of age, chocolatiness, or size. Definitely your kids! :)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey, I ♥ your blog :)

Rachelle said...

I love the three little pigs theme!! And your older girls looked darling as well!

newlyweds said...

OMG I love the Halloween costumes, absolutely adorable. Great idea mom.

Candace E. Salima said...

Wow your kids are cute! Excellent job on the Halloween costumes. Reminds me of what my sister does every year. They choose a family theme early in the year and then my sister begins planning and making all the costumes. The best year? The year they were the pirate family. Absolutely amazing. She shames me with her excellence.

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Lisa & Gerald said...

Wow you must be very busy with your little ones!
Happy New Year to you and your family!