Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brooklynn's Song

Not a lot has gone on this past week.  My mom came up to visit and help with the little ones.  It is always nice to have her here.  I wish she could come more often.  Brooklynn was in a talent show at school.  Her and a boy named Victor sang a song called "Jimmey Picks Boogers"!  
Nice, right...?  That's my girl, making mommy and daddy proud.  Any way they did an awesome job and all the kids laughed at their song.   I was proud of her getting up in front of the whole school.  What a cutie!  (by the way it was Hawaiian day) 

Before my mom left the babies were being so cute.  We had to take a picture of them.  They love crawling up by my fire place (don't worry, its impossible for them to turn it on) and standing up.  They get in trouble all the time.  That's probably why they do it.  Any way, they were so cute so we had to take some pics.  Love the diapers.

Alyssa cracks me up.  Here is a funny picture of her.  I love her so much!
So, it hasn't been that eventful here, (except for baby stuff that would probably bore everyone)  but I wanted to post and let everyone know we are still alive. 
 Oh, and by the way.  For those of you who know of the General Primary President Sister Lant, she is coming to my house tomorrow!!!!!  I know its crazy.  I am so nervous and excited.  I can hardly wait.  Any way I will tell you all the details later.  

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trip to the Fire Station

The weekend of the babies birthday we had a lot of family here and we thought it would be fun to take the kids down to the fire station.  Matt and I have a really good friend that works there.  He agreed to give us a tour and show us all the fire trucks.  The kids had a blast.  Thanks Dale & LuAnne!!!

We wanted to get a picture of all the babies on the fire truck.  It was so funny, while we were getting this shot the alarms went of and all of a sudden a bunch of firefighters showed up and they were called to a fire.  Within minutes this truck and another truck were gone to fight a fire.  It kind of scared us all but the kids thought it was cool to see all the trucks and the lights and sirens go off.  We watched all the firemen get in the trucks and off to fight the fire!

Brooklynn and Dale's hat.  The hats are heavier than I even thought they would be.

Stop.........!! Its not what you think.  It really is a fireman's pole!  (HA HA)

Morgan (my niece) with the fireman's hat on!

Maybe we have some future firefighters in the bunch.  These are my kids and my nieces and nephews!

Rylee Danielle

Maddox Conner

Matt holding Lexie, & Dale holding Rylee

Shilah Ann

Lexie Britt

We had so much fun! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1st Hair Cuts!!!(don't forget to vote------------------>)

April 19th

Today is the day of the babies 1st Hair Cuts.  I am so sad to be cutting off their baby hair, it means they are growing up.  Aunt Melanie is a hair stylist so we drove over to Buffalo to have her do the job!  She wanted to give the babies their 1st cuts.  


Ya I know, the Ladies are gonna love me!

Gotta keep smiling, even if Aunt Mel is taking a blade to my head!  It's all for the ladies!

Oh ya, I'm lookin sharp with my new look!  I'm ready to go out on the town.  

Ladies here I come!


Rylee didn't really need a hair cut.  But, she amused us and was really good!

Oh sure, cuddle up before you take the scissors to my head!
(This is Aunt Melanie with Rylee)

I'll keep my eyes closed, its too scary!

Whew, its all over!  I guess it wasn't that bad.  Thanks Aunt Melanie.


Okay, now its Shilahs turn.  She had some crazy hair going on.  Some pieces grew really long by her ears.  It really did look kind of funny. 

This is cool.  We are finally out of the house.  I don't know what I am doing, but I guess I'll smile pretty.

Okay, I'm not so sure about this.  What is Aunt Melanie doing with a sharp object?

I survived, but I'm still not so sure about all of this.


Lexie probably needed a hair cut the most out of all the girls.  She had some funky pieces of hair growing at all different lengths.  

What are we doing?  I just woke up from a nap.  Let me go back to sleep you crazy people!

When will this be over.  I have beauty sleep I need to get back to!

If I give you a smile can I go back to sleep?

We got everyones hair cut, and I survived.  I have this thing with hair.  I am very attached to my children's hair for some reason.  I don't like cutting it so this was a huge step for me!  (I know Melanie is laughing right now as she reads this, but it is a known fact about me)!  The kids definitely look better and Maddox is so handsome!  I love his new cut.  Thanks Mel!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Happy Birthday Shilah, Lexie, Maddox, & Rylee!

Smiths Food donated the cake cupcakes, and $250 worth of baby supplies.  Thank You SMITHS!

Who is that crazy monkey under our table while we are waiting for lunch!
(Brooklynn is playing with all of their feet)

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you 
Happy Birthday to Shilah
Happy Birthday to Lexie
Happy Birthday to Maddox
Happy Birthday to Rylee
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Enough singing, can we eat our cake now?

Lexie was so cute eating her cupcake.  She doesn't really like to get messy.  She poked one of her fingers in the frosting and had her first taste.  She is so "Dainty"!

Shilah on the other hand didn't mind getting messy!  

Geesh, eating a cupcake can be exhausting.  I think I will just lay down here.  Do you think any one will notice I got the frosting in my hair?

Well, the babies sure had a crowd around them!  Everyone wanted to get a peak of their first cake eating experience!

Once the party was over, we headed back home to open presents.  It seriously felt like christmas.  Everyone was so kind to bring the babies gifts!  They got toys, books, clothes, diapers, and other baby supplies.  Thanks to everyone.  We love you and appreciate all the suport!

Rylee you've had your turn.  Its my turn!

Maddox was not feeling good this weekend.  He had a high fever and the chills.  He just needed some extra love from his mommy!

I think I like it!  Ask me tomorrow when I am feeling better!

We had a great weekend and again want to thank everyone for making the trip!  We had family here that traveled long distances.  Also Happy Birthday to my niece Kereston who is now 15, and my nephew Landon who is 1!  (My parents have 6 grandchildren with the same birthday.  d Landon was born just hours before the quads!)  Happy Birthday!