Friday, February 13, 2009

Food for Thought

After the loss of our friends child on Tuesday, I have really been thinking and pondering my own life.  (It seems like this is always the case when we are faced with life's challenges).  
I was so inspired and strengthened, spiritually, after leaving Joshua's funeral (the little boy that was hit by the school bus on Tuesday) that I wanted to share my thoughts.  Although the week has been filled with much sorrow and sadness, I just couldn't get over the faith and strength that his parents and family have.  Joshua's family is exceptional.  What a beautiful family that really understands the plan that our Father in Heaven has for us.      
I have to wonder if I was given that difficult life challenge if I would have the same amount of Faith and Strength as they did.  I know at times I get so busy doing the things that have to be done every day that I get complacent in the things that really matter.  
I just want to tell every one to hug your kids a little tighter tonight, be a little more attentive when they are telling you how your day is going, and kiss them a few more times during the day (if that's possible)!  They are our greatest treasures!   My heart goes out the the Ringer's and I thank them for their unwavering faith and strength!  God Bless. 


Moni Graf said...

Thanks for helping me take a step back to appreciate everything the Lord has given me. I'm so sorry to hear of Joshua's accident. Prayers being offered up for his family's continued faith and strength, and also for you....because I know you're grieving as well.

Love from KS,

Lisa & Gerald said...

Thinking of them!