Monday, October 18, 2010

Time with the Wilkinson Quints

We had so much fun meeting and hanging out with the Wilkinson Family in August this year.  Rachelle (quintuplet mommy) and I have been talking for a little while now and have always wanted to get together.  Well the Wilkinsons live in Texas so that kind of seemed impossible but when she said that Jason's (quint Daddy) parents lived in Denver and they would be traveling to see them I got really excited.  We are pretty close to Denver and decided to make a road trip!  So here is our first meeting with the Wilkinson Family....(who we loved :)  We decided to head to the ZOO (you know, we thought we would blend right in........9 three year olds??????????)

I love this picture.  We got all the 3 year olds to stand and take a picture.  I love how Maddox and Ryder are holding hands.  Too cute :)  He needs little guy friends to hang with!

My girls had so much fun with Riley and Kaiya (the older two of the Wilkinson Family).  Riley and Brooklynn are the same age.  It was so fun to hear them talk about living in a house with a bunch of little kids.  Brooklynn thought it was great to have someone to talk to that has basically experienced everything she has in the last few years.  
Alyssa and Kaiya are also the same age.  They had a great time hanging out together.  

Rachelle and Jason got these wagons for the quints.  My kids thought they were the best thing ever.  They were obsessed with pulling them.  

Again the wagons were a great hit.  My kids were so funny.  All they wanted to do was push them.

This is another picture I LOVE.  It is so amazing to me that all these children came from the 4 of us.  Amazing!!!!  Its also amazing to me that we got all 13 of them up there and they actually stayed for us to take a picture.  Acutally I might call that one a MIRACLE :)

Lexie is having fun but Kassidy doesn't look to sure!

I just love Ryder's personality and his gorgeous red hair.  He is so cute.  Maddox was pretty excited to have so boys to pal around with!

Of course......more wagon pulling.

Both Families Together.  
We had a lot of craziness....but we had so much fun and look forward to doing it again!

After we said goodbye.....this is what our van looked like on the way home!

Pure Joy!

P.S.  Just wanted to tell everyone that they have a TLC show called Texas Quints.  Head over to their blog and check out the details.  They just had their premiere last Monday night!  We are so excited for them :)


Annie said...

I love it!!! How fun to see both families together. I can't imagine having all those three year old's together at one time. I can't believe how big all of your kids are getting. They are all so cute! I hope you are doing well.

Rachelle said...

The day at the zoo was so fun!!! Thanks so much for driving down to Denver to meet us. I can't wait to meet up again next year!

Her Royal Highness said...

Looks like a great time!!!!!
We're in Kemmerer now - and I have NO IDEA where you are. We've driven the I-80 route too many times to count now and could have probably stopped to say hi the past few months if I knew where to stop.