Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a Little Love

I was just thinking about all the extra LOVE we have had at our house since the babies were born.  Here are a few pictures that I have captured.!.!

Rylee & Shilah

Rylee & Shilah

Daddy & his BOY

Maddox smoochin on his sis Rylee

Mommy kissin on Lexie


Cheri and David Saltzman said...

That was the cutest post! I love baby kisses! I can't believe they're turning 2 soon...time goes by way to fast. As always, everyone is adorable as ever!

Carissa said...

CUTE! I'm coming up next week! Hope you're around so I can see you!

The G's said...

SO SO SO adorable! I can feel the love!!!! What lucky babies... and parents! :) xoxo

AuntEmmy said...

Love it!!!

Triplehaz said...

Just wanted to say hi! Your pictures are so cute. It is unbelievable to me that your babies are almost 2, and I still haven't seen them,:) Looks like you have managed well. I knew you would. It does get easier, I promise! Talk to you soon.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Aww too cute .. Love the photo's

Annie said...

These are cute pictures, but it is time you updated... Where are the pictures from the quads 2nd birthday??? and didn't Alyssa have a birthday in May or something?