Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sorry for skipping out on everyone for so long.  I have recommitted myself to keeping up on my blog!  The past 4 months have been very busy.  There is no way I will be able to catch everyone up on everything.  But, I did want to post this picture of my Grandfather with Maddox.  My grandma and grandpa made a special trip to the states (they are from Canada) to come and see us.  It was a very special visit because I know they won't be able to make the trip any more.  This is the cutest picture ever!


Erika and Jason said...

I thought that you totaly fell off the ban wagon. I hope that you keep us posted more since I don't get to see you:( It has been way to long. I know you guys should make a trip up here to see us.

Cheri and David said...

Yaay for a new post! How fun that your kids will get to have known their great-grandparents.

Reluctant Kerry said...

I agree. That is a terrific photo!