Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School & Back to Blogging

Hi Everyone :) I decided that a 1st day of school post would be appropriate for our return into the blogging world. I have obviously not done a good job with my blog in the last year (in fact I think my last post was almost 1 year ago :( So here we go again.
School has come again (too fast I might add) and the girls were more excited to wear their new clothes than to actually go to school I think. Brooklynn is now in 4th grade and Alyssa is a 2nd grader. I can't believe how big they are getting.

We have definitely had a great summer together, I will miss my big helpers. But, the show must go on and there are many things to do and accomplish. It is nice to get back into a good schedule and routine. I am planning on catching everyone up on our summer adventures and hopefully there will be many more posts in my future :)


Cheri and David said...

Oh my goodness they are adorable!! And, yaaay for more blog posts!! :)

Carissa said...

Hip hip hooray! I'm so glad your back! The girls look very pretty! I was always excited to wear the new clothes too!

Chelsey said...

i know it hasnt been that long since I have seen brooklynn and alyssa but they look so big already. hope things are going well for you all