Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grandma & Grandpas

One of the fun things we did this summer was visiting Grandma & Grandpa Arnold. Most of Matt's family lives in the same town as his parents so we were able to get a lot of visiting in while we were there. His youngest sister was blessing their little boy that weekend so we were able to be there for that. Matt's twin brother lives next door to some people that own chickens, goats, and pigs. They were kind enough to let our kids burn some energy by chasing their chickens. I actually thought they were going to be scared of them but not so much........

They Jumped Right In :)

After chasing the chickens Lexie ended up with grass and rocks in her shoe. I just love this picture of her!

Brooklynn wanted her dad and uncle to push her really high on the swing. She's a brave girl asking those two to push her!!!!!

Uncle Cody was super nice and got the horse out so the girls could ride. He had been working all day and I am sure he was exhausted. Thanks Cody the girls and little kids had a blast.

Matt's mom has a beautiful yard. She loves to garden and has beautiful flowers every where. In the summer I love taking pictures of the kiddos there. These pictures were after church and the kids were so cute.

We had a lot of fun at grandma's.

There are so many other posts coming up about our last year. Stay tuned for posts about our trip to California, camping and the water park, the Denver Zoo (with some fun new friends), and our big move. We have been greatful for all of our opportunities this year. The Lord has truly blessed our family!


Ang said...

Miss you guys, the kids look adorable! Love ya, Ang

Rachelle said...

Hi Maureen! I am glad you are back to blogging! I absolutely love the picture with the three girls.

We had such a great time getting together with you guys in Denver! I hope we can do it again. I so wish you all lived closer.

Tiffany And Eric said...

Maureen! Your babies are way too big. When did that happen!?!?! they are adorable! I hope you guys are doing good! miss ya!!!!

Charlotte said...

The babies and the older girls are so cute, we were just talking about them the other day. Hope all is well for your family