Saturday, March 29, 2008

Header & Layout!

This post is dedicated to Hilary Keegan.  Thank You Hilary for designing my Header & Layout.  We love it!  Your are awesome.  I hope you don't mind us posting your sight so everyone can see the cool work you do!  Thanks again.  


Clarissa said...

Thanks for saying hi! Cute family!!!

I think we might have a few things in common. Hilary did my layout, LDS and I saw that we have the same fleece monkey blanket.

Can I add you to my blog list?

Hilary said...

I'm glad that you like it so much...and I don't mind at all you posting my site. Hope you have a great week!

Hope said...

Your kiddos are SO adorable. I absolutely lurve the header - v. original pics!

Gen McNulty said...

I love the new layout and all the pictures. You have such a beautiful family.

Gen McNulty