Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank Goodness for Mothers!

I haven't posted anything lately because all the kiddos are sick.  It started with Lexie Sunday night driving home from Matt's parents from Easter.  She decided to bring up dinner as we were driving into town.  Thank goodness she didn't get sick any earlier.  The next day Shilah and Rylee decided to join her.  And now little Maddox is joining the gang (he already had the croup).  The older girls seem to have been skipped... Hopefully!  So, we have been out of commission and hope we can get back on our feet soon.  
I do have to tell you, today I was moving Maddox and Lexie's cribs in the other nursery with the other 2 (I have 2 nurseries).  While babies were screaming and I was was taking down cribs as fast as I could, the doorbell rang.  Alyssa ran to get it and I kept thinking please let it be Heather (a good friend) or someone that I knew that could come in and help for a minute.  I turned the corner and my MOM was standing in the door.  She drove 4 hours to come and surprise me.  She had a feeling I needed help and drove up this morning.  I fell in her arms and broke out into the ugly cry!  Needless to say, I am so grateful she is here.  Hopefully I will regain some sanity and be able to get through this rough week.  Thank goodness for Mothers!

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Her Royal Highness said...

Ooh I wish my own mother would act on those instincts sometimes!!! Lucky you!
I'm sorry the babies aren't feeling well. That's not fun for anyone. However, depending on the baby, sickness might be the only thing to keep them mellow for awhile. Atleast it is in our house. As much as I don't enjoy seeing my babies suffer, I REALLY enjoy the cuddle & down time I get with them!
Hope they feel better soon!