Thursday, May 1, 2008


Happy Birthday Shilah, Lexie, Maddox, & Rylee!

Smiths Food donated the cake cupcakes, and $250 worth of baby supplies.  Thank You SMITHS!

Who is that crazy monkey under our table while we are waiting for lunch!
(Brooklynn is playing with all of their feet)

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you 
Happy Birthday to Shilah
Happy Birthday to Lexie
Happy Birthday to Maddox
Happy Birthday to Rylee
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Enough singing, can we eat our cake now?

Lexie was so cute eating her cupcake.  She doesn't really like to get messy.  She poked one of her fingers in the frosting and had her first taste.  She is so "Dainty"!

Shilah on the other hand didn't mind getting messy!  

Geesh, eating a cupcake can be exhausting.  I think I will just lay down here.  Do you think any one will notice I got the frosting in my hair?

Well, the babies sure had a crowd around them!  Everyone wanted to get a peak of their first cake eating experience!

Once the party was over, we headed back home to open presents.  It seriously felt like christmas.  Everyone was so kind to bring the babies gifts!  They got toys, books, clothes, diapers, and other baby supplies.  Thanks to everyone.  We love you and appreciate all the suport!

Rylee you've had your turn.  Its my turn!

Maddox was not feeling good this weekend.  He had a high fever and the chills.  He just needed some extra love from his mommy!

I think I like it!  Ask me tomorrow when I am feeling better!

We had a great weekend and again want to thank everyone for making the trip!  We had family here that traveled long distances.  Also Happy Birthday to my niece Kereston who is now 15, and my nephew Landon who is 1!  (My parents have 6 grandchildren with the same birthday.  d Landon was born just hours before the quads!)  Happy Birthday!


Erika & Jason Allred said...

I am so glad to finally see the birthday pictures. I still can't believe that it was already a year ago. It looks like they all had a pretty good time.

Charity Donovan said...

Happy Birthday Shilah, Lexie, Maddox, & Rylee! The cupcake pics are TOO cute! The photo of them on the steps the night before....ADORABLE!!!!

Hilary said...

It looks like the babies enjoyed their cake and everybody had a great time! I just realized that your quads and another family with triplets that I made a blog layout for are only two days apart! If you are interested getting in touch with them or checking out their blog, their blog address is

Rachelle said...

Wow, the party looks like it was great! I love your layout and header! Very cute. Congrats on making it through the first year.

Her Royal Highness said...

Wow! Isn't it amazing the different personalities they all have? One doesn't want to get messy while the other is all over it! Too cute!!!
Happy birthday kiddos! (And you look great Maureen!)

BoufMom9 said...

OH wow! They just look sooooo adorable!
I LOVE a baby with cake mushed all over! So cute!
Happy Birthday babies!!!