Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Summer so Far

Finally I was able to get to a computer and put my pictures up. Sorry to everone who has been waiting to hear from us. We have had a crazy summer. Matt and I haven't been living at our home for over a month now. We have been in my home town helping my dad out this summer. It has been a little crazy not being at home, but I have loved the company of my family. It is always nice to have extra hands to help! At the beggining of July Matt and I went on vacation with the kiddos and my family. It was a blast. (A lot of work, but a blast)! Here is an idea of what it took to get ready for the trip. Packing List for 6 kids and 2 adults:

1. 2 tents
2. 4 play pens
3. 12 blankets
4. 8 bottles
5. 8 suitcases/bags
6. 1 quadruplet stroller
7. 2 double strollers
8. 4 travel highchairs
9. lots of formula/milk
10. laundry basket
11. 6 water floats
12. 8 swim suits
13. lots of sun screen
14. 4 baby hats
15. 1 large play yard (octagon gate)
16. 2 boxes of diapers
17. large bag of wipes
18. 22 shoes
19. 8 towels
20. lotion, shampoo, soap, hair things for the girls

Okay, there was probably other things I took, but that gives you an idea of what it was like getting ready for vacation. But nonetheless, we had a great time and the kids loved every minute. Here are some pictures from our trip!

Alyssa going down the big blue water slides by herself! I can't figure out when she grew up. It's so crazy.

Brooklynn kissing Lexie and taking her for a little swim in her floaty!

Me and the babies.

Rylee is loving the pool.

Alyssa was taking a break. She is a little fish!

All the babies and their cousin Gabriella going down the slide at the kiddy pirate pool.

We had fun under the waterfall with the babies. They weren't sure what to make of it!

Grandpa going down Cardiac Canyon with the older kids.

Brooklynn, Alyssa, and Issac miniature golfing.

We did have a wonderful time and I can't wait to go again. Its hard to get ready and take all the kids, but we sure did have a fun time!


Ellie said...

Goodness Brookyln and Alyssa look nothing alike, I am suprised they are sisters! The one of them all going down the slide together is adorable! Shilah's face is priceless, and I believe Lexie didn't quite know what to make of it!
Thanks for the post! Keep 'um coming as often as possible!

Ellie - Washington, DC

Amy said...

I found your site through the Jen King. I posted on your last post. I am mommy to twins Ava and Ryan. I don't have a blogger, yet, but I love to get on and spy on everyone! ;) Your children are adorable!!!! I hope to see more posts soon, don't keep us in suspence for too terribly long! Though I don't want you to feel we are all presuring you...take your time. :) :)

Mom2my9 (still Jen, just changed my name! Again!) said...

My goodness! I cannot believe your packing list. I have nine kids, including a set of twins, but, fortunately for me, I never had to pack like that! Where on earth did you put it all? Do you have a 15-passenger van? That's what we have and we LOVE it! I'd love to see more posts like this....just describing a day in the life of a family with quads! How cool!

Shelby said...

You are braver than me. I can't imagine doing that without lots of help but memories are most important and if nothing else, Alyssa and Brooklyn will remember that. They are all so cute.

Erika & Jason Allred said...

Looks like fun!

Her Royal Highness said...

Good times! We drove through Rawlins this weekend & I thought of you. I thought, "I should stop in at 'Floors n More' and just say hi." yeah, like they'd even know who I am, but I thought it nonetheless.
Glad your trip was a HUGE success. I can't even imagine bringing all that gear. Did you have to rent a UHaul?

King Quads said...

Looks like some serious fun in the sun for you guys!

Cheri & David Saltzman said...

It looks like your trip was a success. Your pictures are so fun! Your kids are so brave to go on those big slides! :) Everyone looks happy- you guys are creating some great memories for your adorable family!

Carissa said...

Looks likes you guys had a great time! Call me when you get a minute!

Rachelle said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! You are a brave woman to go on vacation for that long. I love all the swimming pictures.

Carol VR said...

We just came back from camping and I couldn't even begin to imagine packing for 4 babies.