Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Weights & Heights @ 17 months

I know I know, who has heard of a 17th month doctor's appointment.  Well, I thought the babies go from 12 month to 18 month appointments.  No one informed me there was a 15 month appointment (you would think I would know that having 2 other children.  I tell ya I feel clueless these days).  Any way, we compromised and did it at 17 months.  So here we are.  

The doctor said the babies all looked great.  They all are growing perfectly.  They have not been on an adjusted chart since they were born.  They seem to be growing as if they were not born 6 weeks premature.  I am so grateful for the health that these babies have been blessed with.  

Maddox was up first.
"Quit tickling my feet!"

Shilah was so good for Dr. Fall
"Oh thank you for the tummy massage"

Lexie is not a Happy Camper
"Mommy please don't let them torture me!"

Rylee was having to much fun flirting with Dr. David
"I don't get out much, how about you?"

I thought it would be fun for you to guess who is the biggest and who is the littlest of the 4.  Here are there weights and heights (in random order)!  Check out the poll on the side and vote!

Baby #1 
weight 21# 6oz
height 31 inches

Baby #2
weight 21# 5oz
height 31 3/4 inches

Baby #3
weight 24# 11oz
height 33 1/4 inches

Baby #4
weight 23#
height 31 1/2 inches

Have Fun Voting!
Maddox, Rylee, Shilah, & Lexie


Anonymous said...

i have the cutest kids in the world love you guys dad

The McNulty Family said...

They look AMAZING!! Way to go mom and dad.

I'm here for you guys. Please let me know if you ever need ANYTHING!


ps: With 6 kids I don't know how you remember to brush your teeth.. let alone go to the doctor! You are inspirational!!

Carissa said...

What cuties!!

Sara Tyre said...

What cute kids you have. Those doctor appts. are the best. Especially you hear about how well they are growing. When our quints finally got to that catch up point it was great news. Good luck and enjoy.

the schirano triplets said...

sounds like they are doing fantastic! that picture at the bottom of the post is so adorable!