Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Few Cute Pics!

Here are some Goofy Pictures we have taken of the kids over the past few weeks.  I just thought they were really cute.

Rylee is my little "CLOWN"

Just look at those beautiful "Blue Eyes"!  Watch out ladies he's a looker!

Very rarely do these 4 sit at the same time.  It's there 1st time watching Elmo!

Rylee was so cute.  She's holding a little chicken that would chirp when her hand would rub across the bottom.  She couldn't figure out how it was chirping but she was laughing so hard.  Too Cute!


King Quads said...

Love the pictures, such beautiful babies! Looks like there is going to be an Elmo video in my babies future :)

Carissa said...

Such cute pictures! Hope all is well! Call when you get the chance!

Cheri and David Saltzman said...

Those are adorable pictures! Thank goodness for Elmo! Spencer loves Dragon Tales and Sydney seems to be partial for Backyardagains. Happy late Birthday by the way!


Great Pics- I scrolled down and Love the baby gate on the beach- that is too cute!
We too will have 6 under the age of 7 (or pretty close to it- Maya will be 7 in Feb. Looks like fun times. I love to see all the pics. Thanks for your comments on our blog. Kami