Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WOW......It's Been A Long Time

It has been a really long time since I have posted.  My apology to everyone.  This has been one crazy summer.  At the end of June we left our home and went down to my parents for the summer.  Matt was working there and helping my dad.  I didn't want to stay here by myself with all the kids for 10 weeks, so we packed everyone up and left.  So, to make a long story short after a long time being away from home we are now back and settled.  The kids have started school and I am now at home alone with the babies all day..(I will elaborate later on that)!  The summer was great and I will have to post a lot to catch everyone up to date.  But for now I just wanted to post a few picks that I thought were kind of fun.  

This is Dr. Marshall, me and the babies.  He was my doctor here in town before I was sent to Colorado to deliver the babies.  He took really good care of us and even came down to Denver for the delivery.  He is really great.  He took another job and will be leaving us.  I wanted to say good bye and tell him thanks for the great care he gave us.  Thanks Dr. Marshall.

I love this picture of Maddox and Shilah.  They are so sweet!

Me and Rylee

Brooklynn is such a big girl now.  She has started the 2nd grade and has informed me that she can't wait to be a grown-up so she can do whatever she wants....!  (oh boy, I am sure I am in for it with her)

I have to tell you.  This is my sister's dog Chloe.  Alyssa is obsessed with her.  She takes that dog with her every where.  I am sure Chloe missed Alyssa when we left.

This is the Capitol Theatre in S.L.C. Grandma Arnold bought us tickets so we could take the girls to the production of High School Musical.  We had front row seats and the girls were thrilled. They still talk about it to this day.  They went with their cousins. 

We had a great Summer and I can't wait to update everyone on all the fun things we did.  Sorry for the wait on my posting!  Until next time..........


Carissa said...

I love that picture of Brooklynn. She's so gorgeous in it.


Thank you for your kind comment on our blog! You have such a sweet family! We have two older kids as well (almost 4 and 6 1/2) that we homeschool, so I know right now they are excited for four babies and they say they can't wait to help....I hope they feel the same when they all arrive home! :)

Erika & Jason Allred said...

I was wondering when you were ever going to post again. Looks like fun! Can't wait to hear more!

Rachelle said...

wow, your summer sounds like it was so much fun! I am sure it was great to be around family and have some more help. Can't wait to here more about your trip!

PS I loved your anniversary post too---it was so sweet!

Fulton Quads said...

I love all the pic's! Looks like everyone had a blast! I cannot wait to bring our 4 to my cousins who has a house on a lake! Tubing & stuff, oh what fun! Now to just get ours some swim lessons in between! Yikes! LOL! Cathy

Her Royal Highness said...

Awww Maaan! We even stopped in your parents' town in July & I thought of you. I thought, "We should stop and say hi, even though they don't know me. But they could pass the message on." Little did I know YOU WERE THERE TOO!!!!
That really sucks.
But I love the pics. I can't believe how big Brooklyn is!